Growing winter veg

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Growing winter vegetables isn’t difficult and doesn’t require lots of hard work. In this course we’ll show you to how to extend the growing season with an array of exciting winter veg and salads that are easy to grow and delicious to eat.

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this course is suitable for more confident growers

There’s more to winter growing than swedes and leeks (tasty as they are). This course will introduce you to an array of exciting vegetables that are easy to grow and delicious to eat, including winter salads and clever choices of varieties that will extend your harvest and
keep you in produce throughout the year.

Discover when to sow and plant out, how to get around the ‘hungry gap’ period, and look after your soil during the winter period.

  • Examine the challenges of growing over winter
  • Consider how to plan effectively for the winter growing season
  • Discover our top tips for winter growing


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